Little Caesars & PGM

Posted by on February 7, 2010 11:51 am
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Little Caesars’ mobile trailer named the “Love Kitchen” is a working cookery used by the company to reach out to the needy. It is a charitable extension to assist organizations like the Pacific Garden Mission while helping those in need. PGM arranged two visits around the Holidays to the delight of those who came through the doors of the mission. The Love Kitchen has also been used outside of the Chicago area. Back in 2005, it rolled into Louisiana and began feeding pizzas to those most severely affected by Hurricane Katrina. In the first 10 days of service, with the help of local franchisees, it provided nearly 16,000 meals to evacuees and victims of the hurricane. Because of the great need, Little Caesars mobilized a second Love Kitchen and sent it to help with serving food in coordination with the American Red Cross.

It is good to hear of companies that reach out to people in a time of need to provide help. Here’s a picture of the “Love Kitchen” during the Hurricane Katrina relief effort.

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