Earthquake in Chile, 2010

Posted by on March 2, 2010 6:19 pm
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(This blog entry was published on March 2, 2010. I wonder how many earthquakes have happened here in our hemisphere over these past few years? Do you think we will experience a larger quake here on the East Coast in the future? We do seem to be having more storms/natural disasters here recently. The blog from 2010 begins below. )

After hearing about the earthquake in Chile, I contacted a friend of mine named David Rogers. He has been serving in the country of Chile for many years, living in Santiago. Here are some of the notes he has posted on Facebook as he gathers information about the situation there. He is now in the United States, but will return to Chile by next Monday (3/8/10.) Here’s what David has shared:

“We were there in 1985 for the last earthquake in Santiago, and the needs were huge then. The situation is more complex this time with looting, and lack of food, water, and communication. The Church family is well, but two young couples with babies had to evacuate their apartments due to major damage…”

“We leave next Monday (3/8/10) to return to Chile. We need grace and wisdom…Our family of missionaries is fine. The School was shook up and messed up, but not damaged. Our new church building is fine, thank the Lord. Our church family of about 160 people is intact, but two families had to move out of their apartments, which were seriously damaged. Water is off and food is not easily accessible…”

“We are still in NJ, but hearing of the needs in Chile. Mostly to get the basic supplies back in the hands of the people. Stores are being looted; food and basic supplies are not accessible yet. We will be returning to a very shook up country. Things are not good, but not impossible. Pray for the families that are cut off from other loved ones in other parts of the country. “

“The church family has not been able to meet yet, nor are they able to go out much. Transportation is cut off, with bridges out and roads collapsed. One main issue is keeping the “vultures” from looting and stealing food and such.”

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  1. Haley March 30th, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Hopefully this earthquake isn’t as bad as Haiti


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