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I am reading a book called Newsonomics” by Ken Doctor. It has been interesting, or at least somewhat interesting, because of my connections to news, writing, and the Newspaper industry. My Dad worked as a photographer at The Evening Bulletin in Philadelphia for many years. They went under back in the 1980’s, and the landscape of shrinking newspapers is changing pretty fast for those that are still standing.

Digital news has a lot to do with that, and there are many trends that will shape the news you get in the next few years, whether in print or online. Here’s a quote from the middle of the book: “Newspaper publishers, broadcasters, long-time readers, and trusty viewers are all creatures of habit.

They expected, as in the cult classic movie Groundhog Day, to wake up each morning and find the same media choices arrayed before them: the fat daily newspaper delivered on the driveway, the comforting evening news broadcast at the same hour each night.

Twenty-first-century life, though, has proven to be less predictable.” What do you think about this brave new world of the news in 2010? Time will tell, or Tim will tell you more later.

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