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Now that’s an interesting word! It is an idea from Chapter 8 of “You Are Not A Gadget” by Jaron Lanier. Lots of interesting ideas. Before movies were invented, live stage shows offered the highest production values for the average person. Drama, concerts, marching bands, poetry readings, etc. were common. What is that type of live performance were available via technology? What if you could hire a live musician for a birthday party, even if that musician was at a distance? Imagine “tele”present actors, orators, puppeteers, etc. delivering real-time interactive performances. A puppeteer for a child’s birthday party could take children on a magical journey via technology. Distance learning is already providing these kinds of opportunities, but perhaps not as commonly live as pre-recorded. Performers might like this format if they didn’t have to travel, or lug around AV equipment or props. This might not work well on FIOS now, but in the future we may have 3-D, or something closer to the holodeck technology of science fiction. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? Time will tell, or Tim will tell you more in the future. (This comic shows what some of those performers could look like.)

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