Magic Slate

Posted by on September 30, 2011 8:35 am
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This rumor from 2009 was later confirmed when Apple released their new tablet device called the iPad. It has been wildly successful. How many of you are planning to buy an iPad or similar tablet device from another manufacturer? Sales should be very strong during the 2011 Holiday quarter, but we shall see. Sadly, Steve Jobs also passed away since this blog was originally posted. I just finished his biography this past week.

(From 2009) Just heard another interesting podcast from Mac OS Ken. (One of my favorite podcasts, about all things Macintosh.) I live in Delaware, so I was interested to hear about some of the dummy corporations (in DE) set up by Apple to further their introduction of iPhones, iPod Touch’s, and perhaps a new Mac Tablet device. Domain names are being quietly acquired which may give a hint to the name of a possible Apple device soon to be announced. As soon as the end of January, we may be hearing about an iSlate, or iPad, or perhaps the Magic Slate. Of course, these could also be decoy names leaked by Apple as part of their normal hype machine and product secrecy before a launch. Steve Jobs has certainly brought intrigue back to Cupertino’s most famous company since his return to Apple. All for a salary of only $1 per year, with a few perks. 🙂 Looking forward to the latest news from a great company. Time will tell soon what is coming, or Tim will tell you later.

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