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I recently posted some links to photos of FDR, and other individuals during The Great Depression here in the United States. My Mother lived through those years, and talked about how rough they were for many people. Hopefully, our economic downturn will not worsen here in the U.S.A. at this time. Those photos were linked from the site of online photos.

One picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. In the past, America got its images in magazines such as “Life” and they could be amazing. Today we take images for granted, but once that media was the domain of the gifted photojournalist. Until Life magazine stopped weekly publication in 1972, it helped define American culture in photos for much of the 20th century. Now many of those photos are available online.

Teachers can use this online resource to give students an online window into another world. The archive and website were created in partnership with Getty Images, now the world’s largest photo agency. Check out the article in Edutopia by Owen Edwards to get more information and experience all that the website has to offer. Smile for the camera!

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  1. Lani February 8th, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    You are so into this, and I am too. I am at CLE, and I am interested in more about the past photos in 1972; that would be great!


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