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Posted by on November 9, 2011 4:09 pm
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An old Mac system from years ago...

Do you back up your computer system at home? Most people don’t usually take backup seriously until they lose a REALLY important file, or perhaps an entire hard drive all at once. I have lost some important files, and last year, I lost many home video files stored on a single hard drive. I was actually in the middle of backing up the video files when the drive was lost. Frustrating.

Since then, I am more careful about keeping backups current and redundant. My main machine at home is an Apple iMac, so I use Apple’s Time Machine software. Very easy to set up and maintain. The worst problems have been the power supply to the external hard drive coming unplugged, or the USB connection being disconnected. Once things are hooked up correctly again, Time Machine picks up right where it left off with incremental backups until the hard drive is full. Then the oldest backups are deleted and replaced with newer backups. Nice software!

My wife works mainly with Windows systems and uses a little different scheme, since she is also backing up client and business files. The moral of her story is always, always, always have a current backup of your system.  She now rotates her backups with using CD/DVD backup one time and an external hard drive another time. Her latest backup routine includes an internal hard drive, and external hard drive, and an online service, then Dropbox on top of those as well. That way if one backup fails another will be available. Backing up is much cheaper and easier to do than it ever was in the past, so BACK UP!

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