The Sound of Silence

Posted by on November 14, 2011 11:26 am
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We have been talking about music and sound effects for our Digital Stories recently at Cedar Lane ES. Students have enjoyed sampling sound files and creating their own musical accompaniments for slideshows. It reminded me of how sound has become very important in our world today. I saw an interesting advertisement for Acura’s Active Sound Control. In Acura vehicles, the speakers can create an interesting sound – SILENCE! Active Sound Control listens to engine noise in the car interior and broadcasts sound canceling signals to eliminate that extra noise. This technology works whether the stereo is in use or not. Here’s a link to¬†Acura that describes this high tech Sound Control system. Pretty amazing what technology we enjoy in the 21st century! My two youngest sons think this is totally cool. How about you? If this is in an Acura today, how long until we see the technology in economy cars of the future? Time will tell, or Tim will tell you soon.

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