Building Your Platform…

Posted by on June 25, 2012 6:08 pm
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Our church is constructing a platform in our new building. Lots of final details are coming together inside the building and outside on site as sidewalks, landscaping, and fixtures are all being put in place. It is an exciting time at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Newark, Delaware. That platform will become a focal point for ministry in years to come. Michael Hyatt‘s book Platform helps you build your own personal platform online. Why is a platform important?

I am reading the book Platform again, this time to put many of its ideas into practice. Just like our church stage, your platform will provide real benefits in years to come. First, your platform will provide visibility. It will allow your audience to see you clearly, and remove distractions. Second, a platform provides amplification. Modern sound systems help a speaker to be heard by thousands of people. Jason Ohler reminds us that technology can amplify and leverage human power. Just imagine how social media networking can amplify what you say and do each day. Third, a platform provides connection. Social media takes this connection to a whole new level, allowing engagement with fans, customers, supporters – you can be more connected to them than ever before. It’s all about your Platform.

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