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Posted by on July 1, 2012 2:18 pm
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In Platform (by Michael Hyatt) you have something you want to say or sell. But you need to create compelling products, ones that solve problems in ways customers won’t expect. I am thinking about Apple’s newest operating system, Mountain Lion. Apple continues to pull together creative ideas to help your devices work even better together in an increasingly online world. Not as much hoopla with this (now yearly) upgrade to Mac OS X, but a good number of solid improvements you will use every day for under $20, for every Mac in your house. This looks like a compelling product to me.

Remember the introduction of the iPhone? Look at how dramatically the smartphone market has changed in about 5 years – just about completely. (And Apple is poised to produce and sell a boatload (technically airplane loads) of the next version of this great device as the countdown to the Holiday quarter continues. Why? It is a product that helps users solve problems in unexpected ways. What message are you trying to deliver successfully to people, or what thing are you trying to sell? To do it right, make sure that message or product is a compelling one. How creative can you be? 🙂

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