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My son Peter and I are home today, so we went to see the Disney/Pixar film “Brave.” Pixar’s digital animation is incredible again in this movie release. We both had a great time. I usually wait for features to come out on DVD to purchase for home viewing, but every once in a while actually view films on the “big screen.” The picture and sound can be awesome in a theater, but…so is the price. In another of life’s great riddles, why does popcorn and a drink cost almost as much as the movie ticket itself? Anyway…

I am a great fan of Pixar, and have enjoyed almost everything they have produced. Pixar has raised animation to a very high level, and the acquisition by Disney should produce great features for many years to come. Some have said that “Brave is a poor Pixar feature, but it’s a wonderful Disney Princess film.” I am a fan, but what do you think? It is a new fairy tale, and it fits the genre well. Merida faces familiar problems (that both parents and children will understand.) She is the first heroine in a Pixar film, but I think her character stands up well in a long Disney tradition. For the most part, supporting roles add a lot to the story.

Peter really liked the story, and was impressed with the animation. I have been a Pixar fan for many years, but rarely see the films on the big screen, so it was great to spend time with Peter and share the experience together. Perhaps not the best film Pixar has produced, but still worth enjoying with a child. The dedication to Steve Jobs at the end was a poignant reminder of his passing last year. I’d like to think he would have been happy with the final version of this film. Here’s to more great Disney/Pixar films in years to come.

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