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ThanksgivingTime for my traditional November posting. I am loving the smells and tastes of Thanksgiving! Turkey, stuffing, pies, cranberries, and eggnog. Too many to mention! Everyone is busy cooking, preparing, arranging, and getting hungry. Four of our children are at home since James picked up Laura from college; they just got in yesterday from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. John and Paulette are celebrating their first Thanksgiving with Seth, now 6 months old. Very exciting! They are with Paulette’s family in Massachusetts this year. A few years have passed since Lisa made our first Thanksgiving turkey, and our children now range in age from age 24 down to 11. Time goes by. We are doing well, and we have a lot to be thankful for. I have included a poem below from “A Book of Poems.” It was published back in the 1920’s by my Grandfather, Charles Franklin Wells. A Book of Poems Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends! 🙂



We thank Thee, Lord, for this good day, And for all blessings Thou to us hast given; For loving friends, and kindly deeds, Which somehow make us think of heaven.

We thank Thee for the bounteous store, In shop, and harvest field; For rain, and sunshine to promote Our present splendid yield.

We thank Thee for our splendid land, Her fertile wide domain, Her singing brooks, and sparkling lakes, Her mountains, and her hills and plains.

We thank Thee for her noble men, And splendid women, sweet and fair; For those who love their fellows when in need, and will with them their blessings share.

We thank, Thee, Lord, for faith, and hope, These boons which Thou to us hast given; They light for us our life below, And point us to a home in heaven.

We thank Thee most that we can now commit our all into Thy care, And trust Thy guiding hand of love, To keep, and lead on through another year.

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