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Action! The lights are up, the camera is rolling, and the Morning News  is being broadcast at Cedar Lane Elementary in Middletown, Delaware. We have been recording news for a number of years at CLE, using a variety of formats and announcers. Our 5th graders are doing a great job this year and becoming more confident on air with experience. They all applied for the job, gave references, and were selected as Broadcast Leaders this school year. Previously, our administrators did more than half of the announcing, but the students have worked hard to be good leaders in this area, and have done very well.

 Each morning, Broadcast Leaders help with our Pledge to the American Flag. They also lead a daily reminder for our “Leader in Me” ideas based on The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Then on to menus, daily announcements, recognitions for student leaders, school awards, reading activities, etc. If you can think of it, we have probably featured it on our short morning program. When the announcing is complete, we finish with morning exercises that rotate through a variety of themes each week.

It’s a tight schedule, but we enjoy it. It has been great to see the growth in our Broadcast Leaders this year as we head into our final months of production. Do we have technical glitches? Yes, but what TV show would be complete without problems? We’ll have to make a Blooper episode for the end of the year. Looking forward to trying some new equipment and ideas as we wrap up this “season” and make plans for next year. For now you can catch us broadcasting “live” inside our building, but perhaps you’ll find some video news online in the future. Thanks for your support!

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