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Kid Pix is a children’s drawing and graphics program. Craig Hickman created the program with his son Ben in mind. He wanted it to be very simple to use. It was released for the Apple Macintosh computer in 1989, then published by Broderbund in 1991. Software MacKiev now owns and develops the program. We used it from 1991-2009 in our elementary Computer Lab at Cedar Lane Elementary School.

We began using Kid Pix in 1991 at CLES. We purchased a site-license for the program in 1993 and used it throughout the school. (We purchased it because it could be used easily with English or Spanish language speakers – a precursor to our World Languages emphasis on the elementary level.) QuickTime movies were added about this time. We also picked up Kid Cuts in late 1993. This add-on allowed for the creation of special projects using Kid Pix. In 1994, Kid Pix 2 put Kid Pix and the Companion together in one release. That same year the Kid Pix Fun Pack added new stamps and hidden pictures. (Students really enjoyed those hidden pictures!) In 1995 Broderbund released Kid Pix Studio with new features and a set of tools that opened independently of the Kid Pix program itself. In 1998, the name became Kid Pix Deluxe, again released by Broderbund. By 1999, it became Kid Pix Studio Deluxe, the name that stayed until 2003. Two versions were available in 2004, Kid Pix Deluxe 4 by Broderbund, and Kid Pix Deluxe 3X (for Mac OS X) by Software MacKiev. (I loved the features of this version that ran on my Apple eMac, and later iMac computers.) In 2006, Software MacKiev enhanced integration with iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand from Apple’s iLife application suite and allowed for movies to be exported to the iPod.

Kid Pix has been a favorite for many years, but its development seems to have stalled around 2004. Not many new features were added, and new programs (like Pixie2) began to compete with this children’s graphics and creativity classic. I will set up workstations to show the development of the software over time on different platforms and machines. I have a number of picture files saved from 1993-1995, some of which I will post here later. Great program! It also led to other great graphics and drawing programs over the years. Many students remember being creative with this software tool. Do you remember using it in school?


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